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Division B: Maria Killian, Division Director
Distinguished Club, Area, and Division Programs: 07/21/2022

Final Report 2022-23
Clubs by Area
for 2021-22
July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023
Clubs by Area
for 2023-24

   AREA 21  
Bacilia Herrera, Area Director

       Deloitte Rosslyn problem
    First Edition
       Gartner Arlingtoasters
    State Of Speaking

   AREA 22  
District Support

    Technical Women in Toastmasters
       Toast Of Arlington suspended

District Support

       Bluemont Trail
       Raise Your Glass problem
    SALT Seasoned/Aspiring problem
    Up and Out problem

James Loper, Area Director

    DTM Masters
       E-TRADE problem
    Free And Wild

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