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Thursday, Aug 11

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— “Unofficial Clubs” —
Not part of the District/Area “Base” for 2022–23

  C.G.H.Q.  (no/low April; 4 mbrs)

  Division D, Area 41

  Defense Health Headquarters  (no/low April; 5 mbrs)

  Division F, Area 61

  I.D.A.  (no/low April; 6 mbrs)

  Division A, Area 14

  Mount Pleasant Baptist  (no/low April; 5 mbrs)

  Division F, Area 62

  Reingold  (no/low April; 0 mbrs)

  Division F, Area 64

  U.P.O. Community Leaders  (no/low April; 4 mbrs)

  Division D, Area 42

  • These clubs did not renew for April–September 2022, and/or did not renew for October 2021–March 2022,
  • These clubs are not officially counted as Toastmasters Clubs for 2022–2023 (they are not in the District/Division/Area “Base”), although they remain aligned in their Areas and Divisions. They are, at best, considered to be in a “rebuilding stage.”
  • Clubs must have at least 8 paid members, including at least 3 who renewed from the previous membership period (i.e. were club members on March 31, 2021).
  • If clubs are able to rebuild and have 8 paid members by September 30 (including at least 3 renewing members for April–Sept), they will be reinstated to “good standing.” (Any problems with the October 2021 renewals must also be resolved.)
  • If a club did not successfully renew for October 2021–March 2022, it will be permanently closed by WHQ if it does not reinstate by September 30, 2022.
  • More information on reinstating an inactive club is available from World Headquarters
  • In the meantime, the clubs are able to function in certain ways:
    1. The clubs may meet
    2. Educational awards may be submitted for paid members
    3. New members may be added
    4. Renewals may be processed for April–September
    5. Officers may be trained at TLI and receive credit for the club
    6. DCP goals may be achieved
    7. Area Directors may conduct official “Area Visits” (see below)

A note about Area Director Visits to Unofficial Clubs
from WHQ District Leader Service and Support
  • “The Area visit report can be submitted for clubs that are not being counted in the Area club base.
  • “If the clubs reinstate before the end of the program year, they will be added to the Area club base.
  • “If the Area Director does not visit all of the clubs in their club base, it can also affect them negatively should a club reinstate.
  • “Please note, Area Directors should not be submitting Area reports for clubs they did not visit.”